Couples Connected

Marriage was instituted in the Garden of Eden and “love” is demonstrated throughout the Word of God.  Unfortunately love and marriage are under attack more than ever.  God desires our marriage to be strong and solid.  Strong and solid marriages create stable family units and form the stability of the church body.The purpose of this ministry is:

  • To equip and strengthen marriages by helping couples discover God’s plan for their marriage as well as their unique roles as husband and wife through the study of His Word and relationships with other believers.
  • To encourage and support couples in their marriage relationship
  • To connect couples with other couples in the body of Christ through fellowship so we can continually support and encourage one another
  • To provide couples the opportunity to serve the body of Christ together

Whether newlyweds or seasoned in years of marriage, we ALL need to learn more about what God has to say to us regarding marriage and we need support and encouragement in our marriage relationship.

This ministry is a great way to get involved and to get to know other couples within the church body.